College Moves - College Moves

We are continuing our series on college moves.  Going off to college is an exciting experience.  Moving into your dorm or apartment is one of the first hurdles you will face as a new college student.  Whether you are moving across the country or just across the state, a full service moving company can help ease the stress of moving.

Our previous article discussed connecting with you roommates to coordinate items each of you will bring, scheduling a move-in day and time, reserving your movers and packers for your move-in day and knowing the dimensions of the room/space that will be yours. Today, we will cover more tips to consider when moving into your college dorm/apartment.

Sort Through Items and Determine What You Can and Want to Move

For some, this is the most difficult task of all. Since your dorm or apartment likely does not have enough space for you to bring everything, you will need to decide what is most important for you to have while you are away at college. Once you determine what you will bring, place these items in a designated area so they are ready for when the movers and packers arrive.

Make a Final Inventory List of Items You Are Taking With You And Items You Plan to Buy When You Get There

The best way to ensure you have everything you will need is to make an inventory checklist of all of the items you are taking with you so you do not forget anything when the movers and packers arrive.  You should also develop a separate list of items you plan to purchase for your dorm/apartment.

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