Easing the Stress of a Long Distance Move  - Easing the Stress of a Long Distance Move

We are continuing our series of articles focusing on ways you can help ease the stress of a long distance move. Our previous articles covered the importance of consolidating your belongings, hiring an experienced moving and storage company, preparing for your movers and packers to arrive, and making sure your kids and pets are ready for what lies ahead. Today, we will cover a few more tips to help your long distance move go smooth.

Pack Everyone a Bag

Since there could be some time in between when you and your belongings arrive to your new home, be sure to pack everyone a bag with at least a few days’ worth of clothes, toiletries, medication, and any other essentials.  Be sure to do this for your pets, too. You may also wish to keep valuables and important paperwork in your possession as well.

Turn on the Utilities

Having the utilities active when you arrive to your new home can make everything much less stressful. Moving into a home without electricity or running water presents its own set of challenges. Be sure to contact utility companies a few weeks ahead of time and let them know your move-in date. Be sure to provide payment for any deposits as well.

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