Packing Fragile - Packing Fragile, Antique and Collectible Items

Fragile items, including antiques and collectibles, should be handled in a delicate manner.  When you hire an experienced moving and storing company such as 3 Guys Moving, your movers and packers will take extra time to ensure these items are safe and secure.  We also understand that sometimes people wish to pack these items themselves. Our next series of articles will cover some tips to consider when packing fragile items, antiques and collectibles.

Use New, Sturdy Boxes

While it may be tempting to drag out old boxes from the attic, it is highly advisable that you purchase new, sturdy boxes when packing your collectibles.  When you hire a quality moving and storage company such as 3 Guys Moving, you will notice that the movers and packers always use sturdy, high quality boxes, especially when dealing with antiques, collectibles and items that are fragile.

Wrap/Pack Items Using Cushioning Materials

There are numerous types of cushioning material that can be used when packing fragile items.  Our movers and packers use a combination of materials depending on the fragility of the item(s) being packed. Some popular cushioning materials used by a moving and storage company include air pillows, bubble wrap, and foam peanuts. Movers and packers often pack photo albums and collectibles such as comic books and vintage magazines in mylar bags to keep them protected.

Our next article will cover more tips on protecting fragile items during your move.

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