Planning Your College Move - Planning Your College Move

Ahhh, the excitement of preparing to go off to college.  A new adventure with new freedoms and experiences await!  While the anticipation is exciting, the first step in beginning this new chapter of your life is to plan your move.  Whether you are attending school locally or moving across the country, a packing and moving company can help ease the burdens of this often daunting process.

Even parents who are accustomed to utilizing a packing and moving company for residential moves often do not think about calling when their child goes off to college.  The long distance and local movers at 3 Guys Moving have handled hundreds of college moves.  We’ve helped students move into dorms, apartments, sorority and fraternity houses and more.  We are especially popular with music students who require piano moving as our piano movers are among the best and most qualified in the business.

Our next series of articles will include some tips as recommended by our movers and packers to help make your college move go smooth.

Connect with Your Roommate(s)

Space in dorms and apartments is often tight. Consider connecting with your roommate(s) to discuss what items each of you will bring. Coordinating items such as mini refrigerators, curtains, microwaves, coffee machines, etc. can help avoid having duplicate items in a limited space.

Schedule a Move-in Day/Time

Next, schedule a move-in day and time.  In some cases, this may be set by the college or apartment complex.  It is important to know the exact day and time you plan to move in so you can begin organizing the details of your move.

Our next article will include more college moving tips from our movers and packers.

3 Guys Moving is the preferred moving and packing company for residential, corporate, military, and college moves.  Our long distance and local movers are exceptionally qualified and dedicated to making your experience as stress-free as possible. If you are looking for a moving and packing company to take care of your college move, we can help.  Give your friends at 3 Guys Moving a call today!