Planning Your College Move - Planning Your College Move

We are continuing our series of articles designed to help parents plan a college move. Our previous article covered the importance of knowing the move-in and move out dates. We also discussed hiring a packing and moving company to handle the move.  Today, we will discuss more recommendations from our professional movers and packers.

Plan What to Bring

It is always a good idea to carefully plan what you want to bring. Space is often limited in dorms and apartments, so you are likely not going to be able to bring everything you own. Make a list of what you want to take with you. Start with the “must haves” such as clothing, computer, tablet, electronics, etc.  Then, list out the “would like to have” items.  Set all of these items aside for when your movers and packers arrive.

Do a Walkthrough Before and After Your Move

It is important to do a complete walkthrough of the dorm, apartment, etc. you plan to live in before your movers and packers arrive with your belongings and after you move out. Before you move in, note any issues such as holes in walls, loose shelving, faulty electrical outlets and switches, stains in carpet, plumbing issues, etc. and report it to your building manager and/or landlord. Take photos if possible.

Our next article will cover some final thoughts on planning a college move.

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