More On College Moves - More On College Moves

Moving your kids to and from college can be quite stressful. However, having a reputable and qualified moving and storage company can ease much of the anxiety that goes along with a college move. We are continuing our series of articles outlining some tips to help you plan a college move. Our previous articles covered the importance of finding out the assigned move-in and move-out dates, hiring an experienced moving and storage company, planning what items to bring, and doing a walkthrough before and after your move. Today, we will conclude our series with a few more thoughts to consider.

Moving Day!

Moving day is finally here!  Be sure to have a clear area for your movers and packers to work when they arrive.  Keep smaller children and pets out of the way to avoid accidental injury. Have the list of items you plan to bring handy and check items off the list as your full service movers pack them in the moving truck. Once your movers and packers have everything secured in the truck, they will proceed to your dorm, apartment, etc. If you are moving out, then the full service movers from your moving and storage company can either bring the items to the location you designate (i.e., home, another on-campus or off-campus domicile, etc.) or to a secure storage facility for safe keeping.

Have an “Unpacking” Plan

The full service movers from your moving and storage company will bring your belongings and furniture to the area(s) you designate within your dorm, apartment, etc. Movers and packers can assemble furniture and unpack your items for you. If you wish to do this yourself, then it is a good idea to have a plan. Think about the essentials and make sure those are unpacked and/or assembled first. Examples of essential items include medications, clothing, toiletries, computer, tablet, etc. Planning your unpacking strategy helps keep things organized and can alleviate a lot of stress.

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