Your Move in Strategy 1 - Your Move-in Strategy

We are continuing our series of articles discussing some aspects to consider as you develop your move-in strategy. Our previous article covered the importance of cleaning your new home before you move in. We also discussed packing essentials and setting them aside so they are readily available to you when you get to your new home.  This article will discuss more move-in tips as recommended by our full service movers and packers.

Turn On Utilities

Strive to have as many utilities as you can turned on when you move in to your new home. This will make your transition more comfortable and give you items to check off your long “to do” list.  Utilities to consider turning on prior to your move include electricity, water, and internet.

Declutter One Final Time

We have discussed in previous articles the importance of purging items you no longer use or need before you move. Although you may have made an initial attempt at this, it is a good idea to go through one more time before your full service movers and packers arrive and determine if there is anything else you can sell, donate, give away, or throw away.

Our next article will cover more items to include in your move-in strategy.

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