Helping Your Move In Go Smooth 1 - Helping Your Move-In Go Smooth

We are continuing our discussion on tips and strategies to help your move-in go smooth. Our previous article covered the importance of cleaning your new home before you move in, packing essentials and setting them aside from the rest of the belongings your movers and packers will handle, turning on the utilities before you move, and decluttering one last time before your full service movers arrive. Today, we will look at some additional strategies to consider.

Make an Inventory

It is a good practice to make an inventory of all of the items you plan to move.  You can either do this the old fashioned way by using paper and a pen, or there are numerous apps you can download to help you organize your thoughts and develop your lists.  Having an detailed inventory of what is in each room to refer to will help greatly as you go to unpack your belongings.

Prioritize Each Box

When your full service movers and packers arrive at your new home, they will place the furniture/boxes in the areas you designate.  All of the kitchen boxes will be placed in the kitchen, the living room furniture and boxes in the living room, etc.  Once your full service movers have everything moved in, you will need to prioritize which room(s) you want to unpack first. Many people set up their bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen areas first, but it is really up to you. Once you determine the order you will unpack, you will then need to prioritize each box.  So, for your bedroom, it may be a good idea to unpack your clothes box before tackling the photos, candles, and knick knacks that you don’t necessarily need in the short term.

Our next article will include more move-in strategies.

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