Developing Your Move In Strategy - Developing Your Move-In Strategy

While there is normally a sense of relief when your movers and packers have everything placed in the truck and are enroute to your new home, the feeling is usually temporary as the anxiety of moving in to your new home begins to become apparent. Our long distance and local movers have handled all types of moves, large and small. They find that those who have an organized and planned strategy tend to be much less stressed. Our next series of articles are dedicated to helping you develop your move-in strategy. Let’s get started:

Clean Before You Move In

It will make unpacking a whole lot easier if you thoroughly clean before your full service moving company brings your furniture and boxes to your new home. Deep cleaning is challenging once you move in because you or the professional cleaning crew you hire will have to work around obstacles.  So, be sure to tackle the first cleaning prior to your move-in date.

Pack Essentials Yourself and Set Aside

There are certain items you will want to have readily available when you move. Examples include medications, hygiene items, change of clothing, tablets/laptop computers, washcloths and towels, baby food and formula, pet food, etc. It is a good idea to pack these items yourself and set them aside before your movers and packers arrive.  You may then wish to have your full service movers transport these items in their moving truck with the rest of your belongings or pack them in your vehicle and bring them yourself.

Our next article will cover more aspects to consider as you develop your move-in strategy.

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