Tips to Help - Tips to Help Your Long Distance Move Go More Smoothly

Long distance and local movers will tell you that local and long distance moves are quite different. Preparing for a long distance move often requires more planning and lead time. Our next series of articles will discuss some tips to help make your long distance move go smooth.


The first thing your movers and packers recommend doing once you have decided to make a long distance move is consolidate the items you plan to take with you.  Remember, the more items you have to move, the more it will cost so if there are items, furniture, etc. that you know you will not use in your new home, then now is the time to toss them. If they are still in good, working condition, you could also sell them at a garage sale, consignment shop, etc. or donate them.

Hire a Moving and Storage Company

The next step is hiring and scheduling a moving and storage company to handle your long distance move. You need to consider a moving and storage company that not only has good reviews, but is reputable, has been in business for awhile, and also has the capability, equipment, and manpower to manage and execute long distance moves.

Our next article will cover more long distance moving tips.

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