Tips for Long Distance Moves - Tips for Long Distance Moves

We are continuing our series of articles offering some valuable long distance moving tips as recommended by our experienced team of full service movers.  Our previous article covered the importance of consolidating the items you plan to move and hiring a reputable moving and storage company. Today, we will look at two more tips to consider.

Prepare for the Movers and Packers to Arrive

You will need to take some time to prepare for your movers and packers to arrive. Hopefully you have been in the process of consolidating and purging items you no longer need.  You will also need to make sure the areas the movers and packers need to access are clear and ready for them to utilize. You should also place items you plan to take with you in a separate area so they your movers and packers do not accidently pack and load them onto the truck.  Make sure you turn off and unplug all electronics.  And try to find a place for your children and pets that is out of the way to help avoid accidents.

Prepare Your Kids and Pets

Speaking of children and pets, it is also a good idea to help prepare them for your long distance move. Talk with children so they understand what is happening. Make sure you have filled your pets’ prescriptions and have enough treats, food, etc. for the trip.  If you are driving and traveling with pets and plan to stay in a hotel, be sure to identify ones along the way that are pet friendly.

Our next article will cover more long distance moving tips recommended by our movers and packers.

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