Pre Moving Donation Tips - Pre-Moving Donation Tips: Food Banks

As you purge items in preparation for your upcoming move, you may come across food items. Although movers and packers will gladly pack and transport them, you may decide you wish to start fresh and not take them with you. If this is the case, then you can either give them to family and friends or donate them to a local food bank. Let’s take a look at some of the items food banks will accept and the ones they will not.

Items They Will Accept

Food banks welcome canned items including soup, food, sauces, fruits, fish, meats, and veggies and more. They also need pasta, rice, beans, cereals, oats, juice, cookies, crackers, condiments, candy, and peanut butter. Nutritious food and items that are high in protein are especially desirable.

Items To Toss

Items that are out of date cannot be accepted by most food banks.  Any food that has been opened should also be tossed. Food banks also shy away from cans or packages that do not have a label. Fresh items that require refrigeration are also questionable since they may not be able to determine how well or long the item had previously been refrigerated.

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