Protecting Fragile and Collectibles - Protecting Fragile and Collectibles During Your Move

We are continuing our series on how to pack fragile items, including antiques and collectibles, for your next move.  Our previous article included some valuable tips from our own movers and packers including using new, sturdy boxes and wrapping/packing items using cushioning materials.  Today, we will look at more helpful tips for packing fragile items.

Pack Boxes Tightly

A quality moving and storage company will have movers and packers who pack boxes tight so items cannot move.  If you do not plan to hire professional movers and packers and instead wish to pack items yourself, a trick to filling empty space in the box is to utilize towels and linens.  Newspaper, packing paper, and bubble wrap also make great fillers.

Use Heavy Duty Packing Tape

Not all tape is the same and the last thing you want is for the tape to lift off of sealed boxes either during the move or when they are in storage. If you have hired a moving and storage company to simply move your items from one place to the next, then you can use a heavy duty shipping tape to secure the boxes.  If your moving and storage company will be storing your boxes for you, then you may want to consider a good storage tape.  If you engage a qualified packing and moving company such as 3 Guys Moving to handle your packing, then your movers and packers will bring the tape that is most appropriate for your particular situation.

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