Part One

Moving provides an excellent opportunity to begin anew.  One way to make a fresh start is by only moving the items you absolutely need.  At 3 Guys Moving, our movers and packers have seen it all.  One bit of advice our full service movers highly recommend to customers is to use their move as an opportunity to declutter. Let’s take a look at some items to really go through before your movers and packers arrive.


Take time to go through your clothes and consider which ones you really need to keep. That sweater from high school may be nice, but if it does not fit anymore, consider donating it.  If your children have clothes that no longer fit or are too worn to wear, it’s probably not worth the time or expense to take them with you.


If you have appliances that are old, need fixed or are still hanging on to ones you do not use, consider selling them or donating them before your movers and packers arrive.


Mattresses should be replaced every eight to 10 years.  If your mattress is worn out, uncomfortable, lumpy, etc. then it is probably not worth the time or expense to move it to your new home.

Our next article will cover more items to consider donating to charity, selling, or throwing away before your full service movers arrive.

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