When making an interim move, you may need to place some of your belongings in storage.  3 Guys Moving is a full service moving company who has helped customers address their interim storage needs.  Let’s take a look at the different types of storage options to consider.

On-Site Packing Containers

On-site packing containers have become very popular in recent years.  However, they may be frowned upon by your homeowners association (HOA).  Before choosing this storage option, it is important to review your deed restrictions to ensure you are not violating any HOA rules or subjecting yourself to assessments and fines.


Self-storage is consider the old standby of storage options. This option requires you to have a vehicle large enough to move your belongings and the time to do so. You will also need to assess your storage needs to determine the right size and type of unit you will need to rent.  Items typically stored indoors should be stored in a climate controlled facility.

Moving and Storage Company

A moving and storage company can provide you with a safe, streamlined storage solution for your interim move.  3 Guys Moving is a full service moving company with a 23,000 square foot climate controlled warehouse equipped to securely store your household goods.  Our movers and packers will safely move your items to our facility for safe keeping. Then, when you are ready for them to be moved to your new home, our full service movers will bring them to you. This simple, streamlined process is fast, easy, safe, affordable and less time consuming that other storage options!

Not all full service movers provide reliable, safe and secure storage options. 3 Guys Moving has been in business for more than three decades and we’ve learned a lot over the years.  We are a moving and storage company that can handle any size residential or corporate move.  Our long distance and local movers have the experience to get the job done right.  And, when it comes to piano moving, we are one of the preferred piano movers in the area.  Don’t trust just any moving and storage company. Give us a call to experience the 3 Guys Moving difference today!