Items You May Wish to Reconsider When You Move - Items You May Wish to Reconsider When You Move

We are continuing our series on items you may wish to donate, sell or discard before you move.  As a moving and storage company, 3 Guys Moving has learned a lot since we started our business more than three decades ago.  We value our customers and try to pass on some of the tips and lessens we’ve learned along the way.  Our previous article discussed evaluating what clothing, appliances and mattresses you wish to take with you.  Here are three more areas to consider:


Antique furniture and/or family heirlooms are examples of the types of furniture you will probably always want to keep.  However, old furniture that is out of style, broken, or will not blend with the décor of your new home should be donated or discarded, preferably before your movers and packers arrive. Moving old furniture to a new location with the “intention” of replacing it later often leads to procrastination.  If you don’t plan to use it, get rid of it now.


While it is tempting to hold on to your children’s old toys, those they no longer use or have outgrown become clutter. Consider donating them to another family or non-profit organization before your moving company arrives.

Items You’ve Not Touched in Over a Year

Perhaps you have boxes in your attic that you have not touched in years or old knick knacks stuffed in the back room.  Before moving them, consider whether or not you really need them. Your movers and packers will be happy to transport them, but if they can be donated or discarded, consider doing so before you make your move.

When it comes to moving companies, 3 Guys Moving has earned a reputation for being qualified, honest and customer oriented.  Our long distance and local movers want to help ensure you move is smooth and stress-free.  We can handle all types of items and are one of the few moving companies that specialize in piano moving.  Don’t trust just any packing and moving company with your precious belongings.  When it’s time to make a move, your friends at 3 Guys Moving will be here for you.  Give us a call to learn more today!