Moving Yourself Costs Money - Moving Yourself Costs Money, Too

We often come across potential customers who wish to analyze the cost of hiring a full service moving company vs. moving themselves.  The bottom line is that both options are going to cost money.  The latter is going to take additional time and has associated risks.  Our next series of articles will discuss exactly what is involved when you move yourself vs. hiring a full service moving company.  Let’s get started.

Purchase Boxes and Supplies

As we discussed in a previous article, it is advisable to purchase new boxes for your move.  So, even when you move yourself, you will incur the costs of boxes and packing supplies.  When you hire movers and packers, they will come with sturdy boxes and packing material on-hand to conduct your packing. Not only do full service movers save you time, but they often save you money because they know how to pack items in the most efficient manner possible.

Rent Truck

When you move yourself, you will still incur the cost of renting a moving truck.  Renting a moving truck often comes with the need to purchase rental insurance.  When you hire a full service moving company, we come to you with movers and packers, drivers and the right size truck needed to safely transport your items.

Recruit Friends and Family

If you are moving yourself, you will likely need help, which means recruiting friends and family.  Not only will you need to feed and provide them with drinks, but there are some additional risks that you assume when you use family and friends to help you move.  We will discuss this in our next article.

3 Guys Moving is a full service moving company dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of our valued customers.  Our full service movers handle all types of moves, including piano moving.  In fact, our piano movers are considered among the best in the business. Remember, not all moving companies are alike.  Our long distance and local movers stand ready to ensure your move is stress-free and smooth.  Give us a call to learn more today!