Garage Sale Preparation - Garage Sale Preparation

We are continuing our series on preparing for your garage sale.  Our full service movers recommend downsizing and/or getting rid of items you don’t plan to use in your new home.  This saves time and money over the long term.  Our previous article covered the first steps in garage sale preparation including determining the date(s) of your garage sale, organizing items, and cleaning the items to make them look their best.  Today, we will look at three more garage sale preparation tips to consider.

Price Items

A key to a successful garage sale is to strategically price the items you are selling. People who attend garage sales are often looking for a “deal”. Price the items so you have some wiggle room to negotiate.

Recruit Friends to Help

Buy some pizzas and sodas and recruit as many friends as you can to help!  This will not only make the day go faster but will also ease the burden of doing everything yourself.


Be sure to advertise your garage sale in local newspapers, homeowners’ association newsletters and with street signs. The more traffic you have, the quicker you will be able to sell the items and wrap up the day.

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