Indirect Costs of Handling Your Move Yourself - The Indirect Costs of Handling Your Move Yourself

Are you pondering whether or not to hire a full service moving company for your upcoming move?  If so, then this series of articles is for you.  While moving companies cost money, so does conducting the move yourself. We are continuing our series on the costs of handling your move on your own.  Our previous article discussed the need to purchase boxes, packing materials and other supplies.  We also covered the fact that moving yourself often results in needing to rent a moving truck. Today, we will look at some of the indirect costs to consider when you forgo hiring a packing and moving company.

Additional Risks

When you move yourself, you assume all risks for the move.  For instance, if you rent a moving truck and you get into an accident that is your fault, you will be responsible for any injuries and damage to both the vehicles and items you are transporting. You may also be required to purchase an additional insurance rider. Moving companies are licensed and insured so they assume all of the risks during your move.

Getting Hurt, Damage, etc.

If your best friend drops your 88 inch television on his or her foot, then you are technically responsible for damage to your television as well as the injury to your best friend.  Or, let’s say you are driving the moving truck and accidently hit a huge pothole that results in damage to some items you are transporting. In this case, you’re out of luck.  When you use full service movers, it is their responsibility to ensure your contents are safely moved without damage.

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