When you are making a move, the entire family is affected including those furry or feathered (or scaled) family members). When moving with a pet, remember that this type of change has the potential to cause stress. That can be alleviated if the right measures are taken to ensure the process goes smoothly. This post focuses more so on dogs and cats, but regardless of what type of pet you have in your family, you will want to make sure they are comfortable and prepared. 3guysmoving October blog 2 150x150 - Moving with Pets

Make sure you have all the essentials at the ready. While your pet does not need to access all of their toys during the move and a giant bag of kibble doesn’t need to make the trip, it is important to pack a bag that keeps everything easily accessible. Items to include:

  • Ziploc Bag of Food
  • Treats
  • 1 Comfort Object – Toy or Blanket
  • Grooming Tools
  • Kitty Litter or Doggy Bags

This is not only necessary for the initial trip if it is a longer distance move, but also plan for it to last the first couple days of the unpacking process.

Establish their space as soon as possible. If you make sure there is a designated area in the home to house their belongings. Depending on your pet and their personality, it can take some time for them to adjust to a new environment. Surround them with familiar items including fabrics that might contain recognizable smells.

Contact your vet to let them know of the move. Even if you are keeping the same vet, it is necessary to update their information. If your pet has a microchip you will definitely want to have the current address up-to-date. If they do not have a microchip, taking care of this prior to moving is highly recommended. If the worst were to happen and your pet runs off during the moving process, a microchip increases your chances of bringing them back home.

Ultimately, you know your pet best and are in the position to ensure their moving experience is as easy on them as possible. When searching for local moving companies in the Tampa area, remember that the team at 3 Guys considers every aspect of your move. Visit 3GuysMoving.com for a free estimate!