The holiday season is meant to be a merry time of family and celebration. Unfortunately, stress inevitably creeps in for a variety of reasons whether that is due to problematic family members, budget, or just feeling extra busy. 3GuysMoving October Blog 1 RESIZE 150x150 - Tips for Moving During the Holiday Season

You might find yourself in a situation where moving during the holidays is necessary. As always, adopting a positive attitude along with a sound strategy will be your key to making the process as smooth and seamless as possible. Here are a few tips to keep in mind!

Choose the Right Day

Even though you are already off work, moving on an actual holiday or very close to the holiday is not ideal for your budget. Depending on the availability of the movers it might not even be possible. Avoid moving on the actual weekend before a holiday falls. Holiday traffic due to extra shoppers and travelers will make the roads more congested. Additionally, moving on a holiday weekend generally costs more than moving on a regular weekend. If moving during this time of year

Budget Accordingly

Speaking of budget, the holiday season can already make monetary spend a little tighter. A mid-week move is a less costly choice when it comes to hiring movers. Consider your finances and make choices that work best for you. When choosing from moving companies in Hillsborough County, Fl, remember that 3 Guys Moving provides a free estimate and offers full-service moving that meets your specific needs.

Donate Unwanted Items

Take advantage of moving as a time to purge your home of clothing, furniture, appliances and more that you no longer need. Not only will this reduce what actually needs to be moved, but it is also an excellent time to donate to these items to charities in need.

These are just a few topics that you will want to consider when planning a move during the holiday season. For more guidance, visit!