When planning a move, sometimes there are large furniture items you decide to part with. When you do not need to take advantage of our furniture movers in St. Petersburg, Fl, for certain items, one option is to sell your furniture online. Facebook Marketplace, Swip Swap, Craigslist, and other avenues are excellent ways of easily parting with your furniture in your local area.3guysmoving 3 150x150 - 3 Tips for Selling Furniture Online

It is very important to consider safety when you are selling or buying items using one of these popular online market places. Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind.

  1. Meet in a Public Place – Whether you are the seller or the buyer, meeting in a convenient public place during the day is not only easier but also smart. If the buyer insists on coming to your home under circumstances that make you uncomfortable, that is a sign to consider finding a different option. When selling, you are not required to have anyone pick up at your home. You can offer to meet in a convenient spot where you feel comfortable.
  2. Have Someone With You – Depending on the size of the item you are selling or purchasing, this might be necessary regardless. Either way, utilizing the buddy system is always smart because there is safety in numbers.
  3. Trust Your Gut – Human intuition is a powerful tool and there are very often natural warning signs we can pick up on that tell us when a situation is harmful or fishy in some way. If there is any doubt about the trustworthiness or safety of a buyer or seller, then trust your gut.

These might seem like common sense, but with the prevalence of the internet it never hurts to have a reminder to stay safe! When you need professional movers or storage solutions in the Tampa Area, you can always count on us. Head to 3GuysMoving.com to learn more!