Common Moving Mistakes - Avoid These Common Moving Mistakes

Re-locating involves more than just moving your belongings from one place to another.  It is an enormous undertaking requiring careful thought, attention to detail and planning.  3 Guys Moving is a premier packing and moving company with both long distance and local movers.  We have more than three decades of experience and during that time, we’ve learned a bit about what makes a successful move. Let’s take a look at three common mistakes to avoid when making your next move.

Failing to Purge

Moving provides an excellent opportunity to purge items you no longer need and start anew.  Most people are hoarders to some extent.  Items we have an emotional connection to or associate a good memory with are sometimes difficult to let go. Going through items such as clothing, outdated or broken furniture, old appliances and mattresses before the moving company arrives will help you purge items you no longer need.


Another common mistake people make when moving is in the area of packing.  Waiting until the last minute to pack can be a recipe for disaster.  Not properly packing your belongings can present problems as well.  3 Guys Moving is a full service moving company so if you wish to avoid some of the pitfalls of packing, let our movers and packers handle it for you.

Not Being Organized

Taking time to plan and organize your move can help avoid much stress.  Make a checklist of tasks in the order they need completed.  Assign family members to handle these tasks.  If you plan to use a full service moving company, just make sure the items you wish for the movers and packers to handle are organized and ready to go.

When it’s time to move, a full service moving company can alleviate much stress by handling the logistics and details of the move itself.  Our movers and packers are experienced, efficient and treat your belongings like their own.  We also are one of the few moving companies with extensive experience in piano moving.  No move is too big or small for our full service movers. When you are ready to re-locate, we can help.  Give your friends at 3 Guys Moving a call today!