Strategies for Your Move In 1 - Strategies for Your Move-In

This is the final article in our series designed to help you develop a move-in strategy. Our previous article covered tips to help your move-in go smooth including cleaning your home before your move-in date, packing essentials and keeping them in a designated area that is easy to access, activating utilities so they are on and ready when you move in, taking a final pass at purging items you don’t need before your movers and packers arrive, making an inventory of all of the items your full service movers will be moving, and prioritizing the order of the boxes to unpack.  Here are our final two suggestions.

Ask for Help

A sure way to minimize the stress of unpacking is to ask for help. Don’t be shy about inviting family, friends, and neighbors over for an unpacking party.  Provide them with some food and refreshments and make a fun event out of it. You would be surprised how much can get done with a few extra hands. Another option is to consider an add-on service of having your movers and packers unpack everything for you.

Assign Tasks

Whether you enlist outsiders or plan to keep the unpacking within your immediate family, it is a good practice to get organized and assign tasks. The person who cooks the most may be the best person to assign to the kitchen. A friend of your son or daughter may be assigned to help them unpack their bedroom. Coordinating who does what will make the process easier and faster.

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