The first official day of spring is March 19, 2020, but it can take some time to mentally prepare yourself for a deep clean. This rings even more true with an impending move looming over your head. The good news is that these tips will help get you in the spirit to clean your home this spring and to make sure everything is organized for your upcoming move. 3guys february blog 1 150x150 - Spring Cleaning Tips in Time for Your Move

The key is to start early and segment out the work. Start small and celebrate each victory as you work yourself up to larger endeavors.

Walls & Windows

The walls and windows compose a vast expanse of the home; however, they are easy to overlook and are often neglected during more standard tidying. It is not until you look closely that dark marks or fingerprint smudges begin to emerge. Starting with one room at a time, give the walls a good scrub down to eliminate those imperfections. You can choose to clean the windows of each room on the same day or designate a different day to knock out window cleaning completely.

Books & Bookshelves

Bookshelves beautifully display your personal library as well as photos, knick-knacks, and keepsakes. These surfaces are also receptacles of dust. Take on two tasks at once by going through all of your books and decide to part with titles you no longer intend to read or reference. Certain knick-knacks you will want to keep, while other items you’ve been displaying you choose to donate. This will lighten your load during the move. As you do this, dust your books and bookshelves.

Closets & Attic

These storage areas can be a little more daunting to tackle during a deep clean. Again, take it one day at a time. Start with your smallest closet, go through all of the items to get rid of anything you no longer want or need and rid the space of any dust that may have collected. Finish off with the attic and once you check that off the list you will be free of so many unnecessary items that you won’t have to worry about when you move.

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