Pitfalls of Used Moving Boxes - Pitfalls of Used Moving Boxes

The old saying, “you get what you’ve paid for” still rings true today.  Used moving boxes may sound tempting, but before you go down that route, we encourage you to consider some of the pitfalls.  As a packing and moving company, we sometimes move items that we did not pack.  While our movers and packers handle these items just as carefully as those we do pack, the likelihood of issues arising increases when items are packed in “used” moving boxes. Let’s take a look at some reasons why used moving boxes should be avoided.

Compromised Stability

Any box that has already been used to transport items has some compromised stability. Our movers and packers are especially careful, however, weak boxes are more vulnerable to damage and have an increased risk of the bottom falling out.

Lingering Odors

Used moving boxes can sometimes hold on to the odors of items that were placed in them by the person who used them before. Do you really want the smell of someone’s socks to permeate the same box you use to pack your kitchen items?


As a full service moving company, we have seen it all – including boxes with pest infestations.  Termites, bed bugs, roaches…when you pack your belongings in a used moving box, you don’t have any idea what pests, larvae and eggs could be lurking inside.

Bottom line, investing in quality, sturdy, new moving boxes can save you time, money and headaches in the future.  When you hire our full service movers to handle your packing, you can count on the fact that we use top quality moving and packing materials to ensure the integrity of your belongings.  Not all moving companies invest in their customers in the same way as 3 Guys Moving.  Our long distance and local movers treat you like family.  If you are planning a move now or in the future, our movers and packers would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.  Give your friends at 3 Guys Moving a call today!