Prepping For the Packing Process - Movers and Packers: Prepping For the Packing Process

(part one)

As a full service moving company, we provide comprehensive services including packing, moving and storage.  We are often asked questions about how to best prepare for the arrival of our movers and packers. Our next series of articles will not only address how to prepare, but what to expect when your movers and packers arrive. Let’s start with prepping for the packing process.

Organize Your Belongings

Moving provides an excellent opportunity to organize your belongings and purge items you do not need.  Prior to the arrival of your movers and packers, be sure to go through drawers, closets, garage, attic, etc. and determine what items you need and what you want to donate or throw away.  The more organized you are before the move, the easier it will be when the unpacking begins.

Know Ahead of Time What Items You Wish to Have Packed

Knowing what belongings you wish to have packed before the movers and packers arrive helps ensure nothing is overlooked.  Only allow them to pack items you plan to move. Place items you do not wish to have packed in a separate room and/or area or remove them from your home all together.  Movers and packers will pack everything they see unless told otherwise.

Schedule Your Packing and Moving Company on a Day You Plan to Be Present

It is important to schedule your packing and moving company on a day that you will be present and able to answer any questions that may arise. It is also a good idea to keep children and pets in another room so they do not hurt themselves or trip over loose items.

Our next article will explain what happens during the packing process.

As a premier full service moving company, 3 Guys Moving is equipped to handle any and every aspect of your upcoming move.  Our full service movers are experienced and treat your belongings like their own.  Not all moving companies are equal.  Give us a call and experience the 3 Guys Moving difference today!