Consider These Tips Before Your Move - Consider These Tips Before Your Move

Our previous article discussed the importance of measuring your new residence to make sure all of your furniture not only fits in the rooms, but through doors, hallways, etc. We also covered the importance of getting rid of items you no longer need before your move. Today, we will look at a few more tips as recommended by our professional full service movers.

Plan to Move Items that Movers Can’t

There are certain items that cannot be transported by a packing and moving company. Be sure to contact your full service movers to inquire about their policies and any items in question. If there are materials that your movers and packers are unable to handle, you will need to make other arrangements to transport them. If you need to move some items yourself, take time to come up with an efficient plan to do so. Read more about the various types of items a packing and moving company cannot move.

Carefully Select Your Moving Company

It is important to be very selective when it comes to hiring a packing and moving company.  Look for customer reviews, longevity, and years of experience to help you narrow down your choices. Unfortunately, there are numerous fly-by-night and less than reputable moving companies. It is well worth your while to do your homework and research.

Our next article will cover more things you should consider doing before you move.

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