What Items Cannot Be Transported By A Full Service Moving Company 1024x1024 - What Items Cannot Be Transported By A Full Service Moving Company?

As we discussed in a previous article, movers and packers can handle everything from the planning of your move and the actual move itself to unpacking and setting up furniture and other items in your home or office.  There are some items, however, that a full service moving company is not able to pack or transport.  Let’s take a look:

Hazardous Materials

Most of us store some type of hazardous materials in our garage or storage shed.  A full service moving company will not transport materials such as gasoline, chlorine, chemicals, corrosives, insect/rat poisons or other substances that could leak, spill, or pose any type of health risk.

Flammable Materials

Full service movers will not transport any type of flammable materials for safety reasons. These include, but are not limited to, fireworks, oxygen, propane, lighter fluid, paint, and matches.

It is also recommended that you transport items that are expensive, sensitive, or have sentimental value yourself rather than sending them with your full service movers.  These may include important papers, jewelry, photos, firearms, ammunition, etc.

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