3guysmoving 1200x628 layout1732 1fcuprd - Advantages of Hiring a Full Service Moving Company

Whether you are re-locating across town or to another state, moving requires much planning and logistics.  During the planning process, one must consider either handling the move themselves or hiring a full service moving company. If you choose to move yourself, packing and moving truck rental will be part of your process.  You will need to purchase boxes and packing material, know how to pack items for transport and determine what type of moving truck rental options best suit your needs.

The other option is to hire a full service moving company to take care of the move for you. Our next series of articles will discuss some advantages of hiring a packing and moving company.


A full service moving company has the knowledge, expertise and experience to handle all of the logistics concerning your move. The movers and packers at 3 Guys Moving will assess the items you wish to move, carefully pack boxes and wrap furniture, and strategically place the items in our moving trucks for safe transport.  We do this all day, every day, and know how to get the job done right!

Less Strain

A full service moving company does all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to!  Sadly, the occurrence of strains and injuries is high when people try to move themselves.  Our movers and packers are trained in back safety and lifting techniques.

Our next article will cover two more advantages of hiring a packing and moving company.

The experts at 3 Guys Moving have more than 30 years of experience helping people safely move from place to place.  We are different from the typical packing and moving company in that we treat all of our customers as family.  If you have an upcoming move, we can help.  Give us a call today!