move apartments 150x150 - Tips for Preparing to Move Apartments

An apartment is typically smaller than a house; however, that does not mean the process of moving is any less stressful. As reliable apartment movers, Tampa, Fl, residents can turn to us in their time of need. Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind in order to minimize the stress and step up the efficiency when preparing to move apartments.

Make a List

Whether you use your smartphone, laptop, or old-fashioned pen and paper, compiling a list of everything you need to account for enables you to stay organized. It will feel great to cross items off your list as you progress through your home and it will prevent you from overlooking important aspects of the move.

Go Room by Room

As a part of your list, consider each room you will be packing and choose to take on each space individually. In the kitchen, for example, you will want to stop grocery shopping and use up all of your perishable items. Pantry items like pasta and canned goods can be moved, but it is simpler to either use them prior to the move or donate them to a food bank or appropriate entity. Items like dishes, silverware, small and large appliance, as well as your junk drawer will need to be listed, organized, and packed.

Let Things Go

Moving provides a fantastic time to finally purge yourself of items you no longer use or need. Old clothes that have been hanging untouched in your closet or dishware that has been taking up space can now be donated or sold. You will feel a literal and figurative weight lifted when you let these items go and do not have to account for them during your move. If you have furniture you plan to replace or appliances you plan to upgrade, making use of social media to sell them is an efficient way to turn these items over and make some quick cash.

The best way to ensure a swift and efficient move is by choosing the right moving company! Consider 3 Guys Moving to handle everything. Visit to explore our services and schedule an appointment.