Strategies for Unpacking - Strategies for Unpacking

We are continuing our series on strategies for unpacking after a move.  Your friends at 3 Guys Moving understand that moving is stressful. The goal of our movers and packers is to ease your burden and make the process as simple and stress-free as possible.  When our full service movers bring items into your new home, we will place them wherever you ask for them to be placed.  Be sure to direct your movers and packers to place all boxes in their corresponding rooms.  They will assemble your furniture upon request.  Doing this will set you up for success as you begin the unpacking process.

Our previous article discussed the importance of prioritizing the rooms that need to be unpacked and tackling them one at a time.  We also covered breaking down empty boxes and moving them out of the way to help reduce “clutter anxiety”.  Let’s look at a few more unpacking tips to consider.

Set Up Electronics and Appliances

Try to unpack and set up the appliances and electronics you need to ensure your ability to be productive.  Computers, Wi-Fi, televisions, sound systems, coffee makers and air fryers are among some of the electronics and appliances you may want to consider setting up sooner than later.

Begin to Make the Space Your Own

Making the space begin to feel like your own can ease stress and even help you keep your momentum.  Hang a few pictures, display family photos, fill the wine rack with wine, anything that makes your space feel like “home”.

Eat and Stay Hydrated

Physical limitations can keep you from achieving your unpacking goals.  While it is easy to lose track of time, be sure to stay hydrated and eat regular meals to help remain alert and keep your body in tip top shape.

Our next article will cover more unpacking tips courtesy of our movers and packers.

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