Should It Stay Or Should It Go - Should It Stay Or Should It Go?

Moving is the perfect time to purge old items and start fresh. However, this is easier said than done. Many people have a difficult time parting with the items they own. Our movers and packers often see people who go to the expense of moving an item then deciding whether to keep it.  This ends up costing extra money and time. Our next series of articles will discuss some strategies to determine whether an item should stay or go.

Is it Still Functional?

This is a question to consider for any items you wish to keep, especially furniture. If you have really nice, high quality furniture that is in excellent condition and still functional, it may be worth keeping. Some new furniture today is of inferior quality when compared to that of yesteryear. However, if the items are worn, beat up, and in need of repair, it may be worth selling, donating, or throwing away. This also applies to electronics, kitchenware, and any other items you are considering to take with you. If it does not function properly, it is probably not worth keeping.

Do You Still Have A Use For It?

When you begin organizing and inventorying items for your move, you will likely come across things in the backs of closets and bottoms of drawers that you honestly forgot even existed. When you do, carefully think about each item and try to determine if you still have a use for it. If you haven’t made your own butter in years, then you may want to consider parting with that butter churner.

Our next article will cover more strategies to determine whether to take an item with you when you move.

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