Services Offered By a Packing and Moving Company - Types of Services Offered By a Packing and Moving Company

We are continuing our series discussing the different types of services offered by a packing and moving company.  Our previous article covered how a packing and moving company can plan your entire move from start to finish.  We also discussed how movers and packers will securely pack your belongings.  Today, will look at two more services moving companies offer.

Load the Moving Truck

When you hire a packing and moving company, your full service movers will do all of the heavy lifting!  They carry the proper straps, tie downs, dollies and equipment to properly load the moving truck for transport.

Transport Your Items

Driving a large truck in traffic can be stressful, especially if it is not something you do often. Movers and packers will ease that burden by transporting your items to your new home and/or a storage facility.

Our next article will cover more services offered by a packing and moving company.

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