Reasons to Hire Full Service Movers - Reasons to Hire Full Service Movers vs Renting a Moving Container

There are many options to consider when planning a move.  As we continue our series on the advantages of hiring full service movers and packers vs. renting a moving container, we will examine two more aspects that make a moving and packing company an attractive and wise investment.  Previous articles discussed how movers and packers alleviate the burden of packing, how full service movers know how to keep items safe during transport, the fact that a packing and moving company has special equipment to assist with your move, and how they do all the heavy lifting for you.  Let’s take a look at two more advantages hiring a full service moving company has over renting a moving container.

Full Service Movers Can Handle Specialty Items

Certain items, such as organs, pianos and bulky equipment, must be handed with special care. Piano movers, for instance, are specifically trained and equipped to disassemble, pack, transport and re-assemble these sensitive and expensive items. Piano moving is an example of something you would want to hire a professional moving company to handle.

Full Service Movers and Packers Get the Job Done Quick

Movers and packers know how to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner.  Time is money and hiring a professional moving and packing company will most definitely save time.

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