Preparing Your Pet - Preparing Your Pet(s) for a Move

As a moving and storage company that has been in business for decades, we understand the stress everyday people face during the process of moving.  Now, take that stress and double it for your pet(s). While you cannot postpone your move for your pet(s), there are some strategies you can use to help ease their anxiety.  Let’s take a look.

Try to Pack as Much as You Can All at Once

Packing is an activity that causes anxiety in many animals. If you are packing yourself, try to pack as much as you can all at once.  Packing and moving boxes over the course of days and/or weeks can significantly elevate stress levels in your pet(s).

Consider Sending Your Furry Family Member to a Friend’s House or Spa for the Day

Movers and packers are often a source of stress for pets.  Consider having a friend watch your pet(s) or perhaps send them to the local pet spa on the day your full service moving company is scheduled to arrive.

Give Them Extra Attention!

Your pet(s) will get more and more anxious, especially when the movers and packers arrive. It is important to reinforce to your pet(s) that you love them and that they are not going to be left behind. Be sure to give your pet(s) extra love and attention before, during, and after your move.  A few extra treats won’t hurt, either!

At 3 Guys Moving, our movers and packers care about everyone in your family, including your furry pets!  We understand that the packing and moving process can cause great anxiety for any pet.  If you do your best to ease them into what is happening, they are less likely to be stressed.

Are you seeking a full service moving company to handle your upcoming move?  If so, we can help. As a moving and storage company, we have packers, movers and a 23,000 square foot warehouse to help meet all of your moving and storage needs.  Not all moving companies are equal.  Give us a call to experience the 3 Guys Moving difference today!