Preparing Items for Storage - Preparing Items for Storage

If you find yourself in need of a moving and storage company, this series of articles is for you.  Our last article covered some tips on packing your belongings for storage, including the importance of not storing any items you may need to quickly access and why you need to invest in quality packing supplies. Today, we will discuss two more tips to consider when preparing items for storage.

Wash Linens and Clothing

It is extremely important that you wash any linens and clothing that you plan to place in storage. Dirt, grease, and even oil from your skin can degrade and discolor fabrics. Not to mention the fact that dirty clothes and linens often have foul odors.

Do Not Pack Perishables

Perishable items are not ideal for storage since they can expire, spoil, and even attract bugs and rodents. Pack them and take them with you to wherever you are staying in the interim. Our movers and packers suggest that if you do this, you should unpack these items as soon as possible once you reach the location of your interim move.

Our next article will cover more strategies to help ensure you properly prepare and pack your belongings for storage.

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