3guysmoving 1200x628 layout1476 1fcuqbb - Planning for an Interim Move

An ideal situation is to be able to move from one location to another. However, there are times when an interim move is required.  For instance, perhaps you have sold and closed on your current home but your new construction home will not be ready to move into for another month. Or, maybe you are in the military and plan to live on base until you find a permanent home.  Your friends at 3 Guys Moving are experts in interim moves.  We are a full service moving company that not only has experienced movers and packers, but we also offer safe and secure storage options for your household goods.

Our next series of articles will cover some ideas on how to best plan for an interim move.

Organize and Get Rid of Items You Do Not Need

Moving to a new place is the perfect time to organize your belongings and get rid of items you no longer use.  While our movers and packers are happy to handle anything you have, now is the perfect time to purge the items you no longer need.

Determine What Items You Must Be Able to Immediately Access

When making an interim move, a moving and storage company will store your belongings for you.  You should determine what you need immediate access to (i.e. clothes, personal items, etc.) and take them with you to your interim location.  Our movers and packers will securely store everything else and deliver it to your new home once you are ready to move in.

If you are planning either a local or long distance move, we can help.  We are a preferred and trusted moving and storage company located in the Tampa Bay area.  Our 23,000 sq. ft. climate controlled warehouse is an approved storage facility for the U.S. military and is equipped to safely and securely store all of your important items.  Give us a call to learn more about how our moving and storage company can help you with your next move!