Options For an Interim Move - Options For an Interim Move

Our long distance and local movers and packers have worked with customers in various types of situations. One we see often is when an individual, couple, or family finds themselves in a position where they have not found a permanent home and need to make an interim move. We are continuing our series highlighting options to consider in the event you need to make an interim move.  Our previous article covered short term vacation rentals and homes, condos, and apartments with month-to-month leases.  Today, we will look at two more options to explore when faced with an interim move.

Crash With Family or Friends

If you have family or friends who are willing to let you crash at their place for cheap or free, you could have a roof over your head and save some cash at the same time.  You probably won’t be able to bring your furniture, but your moving and storage company can store that for you until your permanent home is ready.

Extended Stay Hotel

Extended stay hotels are usually the option of choice for interim corporate moves.  Some companies will even pay for an extended stay hotel when a person is re-locating for work.

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