Obstacles Homeowners Face When Moving - Obstacles Homeowners Face When Moving

(part one)

As a trusted moving and storage company, we feel it is our duty to provide customers and potential customers with resources and information to help ease the stress of the moving process. After being in business for more than three decades, we have seen it all!  Unlike many fly-by-night moving companies, we treat our customers like family and pride ourselves on repeat customers who keep coming back and referring friends who either need local movers or are seeking assistance with a long distance move.

Our next series of articles will cover some of the most common obstacles homeowners face when moving. Let’s take a look:

Large or Bulky Furniture

Large or bulky furniture can cause challenges on both sides of the move. The good news is that our movers and packers have a lot of experience with this and will evaluate what needs to be done to safely move these items. Speaking of large and bulky, did you know that piano moving is one of our specialties?  In fact, 3 Guys Moving is one of the area’s preferred piano movers.

More Items to Move Than Expected

While it may at first seem like you do not have a lot of stuff to pack, once you begin to pull items out of closets you may find that you have much more than expected. No job is too large for our full service movers to handle. However, if you wish to save some time and money, consider either donating or throwing away items you no longer wish to keep before your movers and packers arrive.


Weather can put a damper on any parade.  However, there is no need to fret.  Take a deep breath and trust that your movers and packers will do everything possible to keep your belongings and home free from damage.  If rain is expected, consider covering the entryway floors with moving blankets.  If it’s going to be extremely hot, make sure you have enough water on hand to stay hydrated.

Our next article will cover more challenges to be aware of as you plan your move.

3 Guys Moving is a full service moving and storage company with more than three decades of experience.  Both our local movers and long distance movers take pride in what they do and treat your belongings like their own. Since we are a moving and storage company, we have the facilities to store your items if needed.  Don’t trust fly-by-night moving companies that are here today and gone tomorrow.  We invite you to experience the 3 Guys Moving difference. Give us a call to learn more today!