Moving During COVID 19 1 - Moving During COVID-19

If you are planning to move during the COVID-19 pandemic, you will still be able to hire a full service moving company to handle your move. Movers and packers are considered essential workers.  Let’s take a look at some ways you can reduce your risk of exposure during your move.

Maintain Social Distancing

You should continue to maintain social distancing during the moving process.  Our movers and packers will make every effort to maintain their distance as they handle and move your items.  Our full service movers are experienced and move quickly, so for best results, try to keep family members and pets from standing in an area where they either may not be seen or could become an obstacle.

Wash Hands Frequently and Have Hand Sanitizer Handy

Be sure to wash your hands frequently and have a bottle of hand sanitizer handy. This is for your safety and for the safety of our movers and packers.

Clean, Clean Clean!

It is a good practice to schedule your local movers to bring your furniture and belongings to your new home on a day after it has been thoroughly sanitized and cleaned.  This helps ensure all areas are able to be reached.  Once the movers and packers bring in your furniture and boxes, some areas may be difficult to access.

3 Guys Moving is a moving and storage company that adheres to local COVID-19 mandates and CDC guidelines.  Our full service movers are taking extra precautions to keep our customers safe during this time.  Additionally, we have instructed our movers and packers to stay home if they feel sick. If you are facing a move during COVID-19, our local movers and long distance movers can help. Give us a call today.