Managing Your Moving Stress - Managing Your Moving Stress

Moving is stressful. Our movers and packers have helped hundreds of stressed out homeowners get through their moves. Our next series of articles will discuss some ways to manage and reduce stress.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

It is wise to begin prepping your move at least a few months in advance.  Even if your home is not sold and you don’t have another one lined up, you can still begin the planning process. Make an inventory of items you wish to keep, interview moving companies, have a garage sale, etc. These are all tasks you can do well ahead of time so that when you are ready to move, you won’t be working on such a tight and stressful timeline.

Designate a “Get Away” Space

Clutter can drive a person nuts, and at various points during your move, you will likely be faced with clutter. It is important to designate an area of your home as a “get away” space where you and your family can still maintain some semblance of peace and normalcy. This can be either an indoor space like a spare bedroom or an outdoor area such as a porch or patio.  Florida rooms are also great spaces to utilize for this purpose.

Our next article will provide more tips on how to manage your stress during your move.

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