When you embark on a move to a new home, it is a big change for the whole family. Making new friends and adjusting to a new environment are just a couple of components that can cause stress for any adult, and that holds true for children as well. The following are strategies to equip yourself with in order to make the move as smooth as possible for your kids. 3 guys moving december blog kids 150x150 - Making a Move Easier for Children


Ask your children about how they feel regarding the move. Sad, scared, anxious, excited, etc. A range of potential emotions can be anticipated but fostering an open forum for communication will help set your child’s mind at ease and mentally prepare themselves for the change. Inform them about what to expect from their new home and the general area. Include all types of information,  but focus on the positives. The best approach is one that is honest and straightforward.

Include in the Planning

If possible, bring your child along when you are looking for your new home. Once the house or apartment has been decided upon, your child can voice their opinion about their new room and how it will be arranged. This gives them a personal sense of autonomy and feeling of control.

Create a Travel Package

Especially if this is a long-distance move, it is helpful to have a travel package ready for each child. This can include favorite toys, clothes, snacks, and ways to pass the time for the car ride.

These are just a few tips to help you make the move as easy as possible for your little ones. Contact us via 3GuysMoving.com for professional moving and storage in Florida.