Piano Movers - Why Should I Hire Experienced Piano Movers?

Part One

Piano moving is an art in itself. Pianos are heavy and have many moving parts.  Whether you are hiring a full service moving company to handle your move, or planning to DIY, your piano should only be handled by experienced piano movers.  Our next series of articles will look at piano moving and some important aspects to consider.

Piano Moving for All Types

You should hire piano movers who have experience with different types of pianos. The more experienced the better! 3 Guys Moving is one of the few moving companies that works with all types of pianos and organs, including uprights, grand uprights and spinets.  We’ve even moved baby grand pianos, grand pianos and concert grands!


Some pianos, especially grands, require disassembly before moving.  This is a very sensitive process.  One wrong move can result in damage. Our piano movers understand the process of how to disassemble, crate, secure, transport and reassemble any piano.

Extra Skill and Care

Not everyone has the patience, skill and know how to properly move these gentle giants.  The piano movers at 3 Guys Moving take extra care to ensure your investment is protected and arrives safely to the desired destination.

Our next article will cover three more reasons why you should only hire experienced piano movers.

3 Guys Moving is a full service moving company located in Tampa, Florida.  Our long distance and local movers have completed thousands of moves for our many satisfied customers.  When it comes to piano moving, don’t trust just anyone.  Our piano movers will take extra care to protect your investment.  Give us a call to learn more today!