Part One

Let’s face it, moving can be both exciting and stressful at the same time.  One way to alleviate financial stress is by setting a budget for your upcoming move.  We are beginning a new series of articles on costs to consider when planning your move.  Let’s take a closer look at some line items you will need to include in your moving budget:

Utility Deposits

Find out what utility deposits you will need to connect water, electric, natural gas, etc. into your new home.  If you are moving locally and already have services, you may not be required to make a deposit.  If you are establishing new services, be sure to find out all costs associated with each service.


Whether you plan to pack your belongings yourself or hire movers and packers, there is a cost associated with packing.  If you take on packing yourself, you need to consider the time it is going to take you and cost for supplies such as boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap and packing tape.  If you plan to hire packers, a packing and moving company like 3 Guys Moving has experienced movers and packers who can provide you with a packing quote.


You will need to factor in cleaning costs for both your existing residence and your new home.  You may be required to clean your old residence after the movers and packers take your belongings to your new home. You may also wish to clean your new home before moving in your belongings.

Our next article will cover three more costs to consider when planning your move.  3 Guys Moving is the preferred packing and moving company in Tampa, Florida.  Our long distance and local movers are qualified, experienced and dedicated to ensuring your move goes smooth.  We even offer expert piano moving as well.  Not every full service moving company has your best interests in mind.  We have been in business for more than three decades and take pride in the reputation we’ve earned over the years.  When you need a reliable moving company, we’ll be here.  Give us a call to learn more.