blog 3 150x150 - Make Your Move Less Stressful

Uprooting your life and moving into a new house is never easy, whether you’re moving across town or across the country. Here are some ways to make your experience much less stressful:

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Sometimes people need to move on incredibly short notice, but if this isn’t you, give yourself plenty of time to move. Plan ahead, and don’t leave everything to the last minute. Ideally, you should allow eight to twelve weeks to plan and execute a move.

Stay Organized

Make lists, keep a journal – whatever you need to do to keep yourself organized. Plan tasks out over the eight two twelve weeks you have to move and make sure you have enough time each day to get them done. The more organized and planned out your move is, the less stress you will have.

Go with the Flow

I know we just said to have a plan, but moving also requires some flexibility. Sometimes unplanned events throw a wrench in your plans, but don’t fret. Go with the flow and replot your schedule to account for whatever is throwing off your original plan.

Have a Backup Plan

It always helps you have a back-up plan. Make sure you have a few different options if certain parts of your move don’t fall into place the right way. You may not need it, but having alternatives in mind already can help ease your mind.

Ask for Assistance from Experienced Movers

Professional moving services in Tampa, FL, and the surrounding areas can be a huge help when it comes to moving day stress. The experts at 3 Guys Moving will ensure that everything goes smoothly on moving day, ensuring that your items make it from one location to the other undamaged. Request a free estimate from our moving company today.